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What happens when the end result of a pregnancy isn’t a happy ending? Losing a child, whether through natural or unnatural circumstances, is often a painful and lonely experience. We are a safe place for men and women who are struggling to deal with the aftermath of their loss.

Abortion Recovery for Women: Our trained mentors help our clients cope with the feelings of anger, confusion, despair, loneliness, regret, and depression that many women experience following an abortion. Our mentors offer caring and non-judgmental support as our clients go through the steps towards healing, all while completing an Abortion Recovery Bible Study titled “Forgiven and Set Free”.

Abortion Recovery for Men: For every woman who has experienced an abortion, there is a man who either encouraged that decision or felt helpless as his child’s life was ended. We have men available who are ready to help our clients deal with the aftermath of this decision. “Saved One” is a recovery Bible Study specifically designed to bring healing to men following an abortion.

Pregnancy Loss Bible Study: We believe that every life is precious from the time they are first conceived. Although 25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, the loss of a child is devastating. We offer comfort to those struggling with the loss of their unborn child.

Cradle of Love: Cradle of Love – Broken hearted by miscarriage? CLS provides help for a beautiful and economical Christian funeral and burial. Call Frank/Bernadette Bence at 951-236-3931 or Bob/June Shelly at 951-340-2663.