Quarterly Newsletter                                                                                                  Spring, 2018

Director’s Update

In March we celebrated our 20th annual fund-raising gala. It was a wonderful evening of remembering the past and all the dedicated people who worked so sacrificially to make CLS what it is today. We also looked to the future and the many more lives to be saved through this ministry. To that end, it was also a very successful event in terms of raising support. In addition to a number of people who wrote checks and pledged donations, we had another 53 families pledge to provide regular monthly support. This brings that number to 120 families and the total monthly donations to about 55% of our regular operating expenses. What a praise! Thank you all for your prayers and support.

20th Anniversary Gala
Another great night with our great supporters!

If you weren’t at our Gala, you definitely missed out. Rich & Marilyn Richmond were honored with the Founders award for their commitment to CLS over the decades.  Betty Price as well as Galen & Kathy Walker were given the Trudy Schmidt award for their steadfast commitment to the unborn. Brad Dacus presented a case for life and Jennifer Disney shared her heart with us all.  Over 100 silent auction gifts were won and Pastor Sean Ortiz was the winner of an Alaskan Cruise.  But the best part was spending time together remembering that every save is a child in our community, bringing joy to us all.


Client Corner
What a difference a year makes.

In May, 2017 Stacey came through our doors fearing “the worst”.  That day she learned she was pregnant. Stacey was strong and began preparing to become a mom.  Lydia (one of our amazing parenting mentors) met with her throughout her pregnancy, giving her the support she needed while learning vital parenting skills.

As you can see, Stacey had a beautiful baby boy whom she named Nathan.  Although you can not tell by the photo, he was filled with giggles and smiles on this day, melting all of us in the Clinic.  Nathan is now 4 months old and fills Stacey’s life with joy.
You would never know Stacey ever had any reservations by seeing her in action today. 

She has those mommy moves down. Stacey is growing in her walk with the Lord and attends a weekly bible study.  She has even offered to bring other clients with her is they want. We are sure God has an amazing plan for these two’s lives.

Corona/Norco Day of the Child
Serving our community is fun!

On Saturday, April 21st, Corona Life Services hosted a craft booth at Corona/Norco’s Day of the Child.  On this day, local community businesses and organizations came together to provide a day of fun for the children of our community.  This year we helped hundreds of kids make butterflies which opened the door for conversation about how every life is unique and special.

Our baby models were well loved by kids and adults alike, reminding all that babies are people from their conception.  We also had the privilege of meeting 2 children who exist because their mom’s were clients of ours.  What a special treat!   
Click here to view pictures.

Everyone Loves a Parade
Ways you can help us celebrate.
  • Our American flag is in need of some wheels.  Please contact us if you have a trailer we can use on July 4th.
  • Speaking of the float, we also need early risers to help decorate the float before the parade.
  • Walkers are needed to pass out flyers, candy and little gifts to the crowd. We would love to have you walk with us.  Children are welcome to join in the fun as well.
Contact Christi Bush as 
cbush@coronalife.org or (951) 272-3670 if you can help.

In The News
AB775  at the Supreme Court Level

On March 20, 2018, the Supreme Court heard arguments in our case against the state of California (NIFLA v. Becerra).  We have every reason to be optimistic that this bill will be overturned.  A final verdict is expected in June.

Always Thankful

The Women’s Club of St. Matthew’s Catholic Church held a lovely baby shower for our clients, providing the Clinic with tons or baby goodies for our new moms.

Knights of Columbus completed a large scale baby bottle drive throughout many of our local Catholic Churches.  That takes commitment!
The love our community gives us is greatly appreciated. 

A Look at 1st Quarter 2018:

Clients Seen:  335
Pregnancy Tests Given:  142
Ultrasounds Performed:  103
Babies Saved:  19

Corona Life Services is a 501(c)3 that relies entirely on private donations to provide these life saving services.