Quarterly Newsletter                                                                                                Summer, 2018

Director’s Update

This whole year we have been celebrating and praising God for 20 years of ministry in the Corona Valley. During that time we have always enjoyed tremendous support and cooperation from our city. This can be rare, especially in California. All that has the potential to change with three of the five City Council seats up for election on November 6. Districts 1, 4 and 5 will be electing new council representatives. Three votes can completely change the direction of this city. I urge you to do your homework and vote for candidates who will support our pro-life efforts. Thanks in advance for your support!

20th Anniversary Walk for Life
Check you mail for this year’s pledge sheet!

The Walk for Life will be here on October 6th and we would love to have you walk with us.  Better yet, we would love to have you spread the news and raise funds at the same time.  Did you know you can create your very own donation page that you can share online?  Fundraising is as easy as clicking a few buttons!


Client Corner
A smile doesn’t tell the whole story.

Savannah came in last year for an unwanted pregnancy and was literally in shock when her pregnancy was confirmed.  She explained she already had two sons from two previous relationships. Her oldest son’s father had been mentally and physically violent with her.   In fact, after her relationship with him, he proceeded to kill his new girlfriend, her son from a previous relationship, and his mother. He is now in prison for murder.

On her visit, she explained that her boyfriend did not want a baby and either did she. She was very concerned as she was living with her parents and they would not be supportive of a new baby. Over the ensuing months, she was called and encouraged. She decided to continue the pregnancy despite her lack of support. Recently she brought in her baby girl who was just a week old. She is perfect and Savannah thanked us for being so supportive. Her baby girl is adorable and her two boys are super excited to be big brothers.

The leadership team of Elevate Life Church
love life!
Clinic Tours Available
Sharing the love for life with our community.

Did you know that our doors are open not only to clients but to supporters as well?  Our supporters are amazing but many of you have no idea HOW we are actually impacting our community with our love for life.

Schedule a tour today for you, your friends & family, your church leadership team, your business, or any other combination of folks.  We are happy to explain exactly how we are able to minister to our client’s needs through your generous support.

We are on Instagram!
Reaching our community through technology.
Reaching our future clients with a message of hope is our top priority and we are now using Instagram to help with that.  Although our clients might not be followers, they may be checking us out before they come in.  Our Instagram account will be used to encourage and educate potential clients in their time of need.  That’s where you can help.  

Follow us @coronalifeservices and share our posts!  Someone in your social network just might be the next client God plans to bring through our doors.  Also, if you are a gifted “grammar” and would like to be a contributor, contact cbush@coronalife.org.

Corona’s 4th of July Parade
Celebrating LIFE, Liberty and Happiness
Corona is a pretty patriotic town and we love being able to show our support for values our country was founded on.  Our float brought out a lot of American pride with many standing to salute the flag as it passed on by. 

Thank you to all of our supporters who came out to decorate our float, carry our banner, and pass out goodies to the enthusiastic attendees of the parade. We are blessed to have such great supporters!

As Americans we are blessed to be born free.  Let’s keep on praying that someday every person will be free to be born.

In The News
FDA Reports Abortion Pill Kills 22 Women
At least 22 women in America have died and thousands more have experienced serious complications from taking abortion pills, according to updated guidance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
The FDA updated its 
guidance on mifepristone (known as Mifeprex or Mifegyne), the first stage of a medical abortion that blocks the progesterone needed for a pregnancy to continue, after receiving “reports of serious adverse events in women” who took it.

Corona Police Need Your Help
Abandoned Infant Died on Cajalco Road
On July 27, 2018 the Corona Police Department was dispatched to the area of Cajalco Road and Interstate 15 in Corona regarding an infant found deceased.  They can now use the community’s help in finding the the individual involved in this tragic and unnecessary death.  The baby was found wrapped in the t-shirt pictured here. If you have any information about the owner, 
click here.
The Corona Police Department would like to remind everyone that the City of Corona offers several 
Safe Surrender Sites,
 where parents can safely surrender an infant within 72 hours of birth, with no questions asked. 
Babies can be dropped off at any fire station, police department, hospital, or anywhere with the blue Safe Surrender logo. Click here for Safe Surrender Sites.

Always Thankful

Thank you to all you who are stepping up to help with the Walk for Life this year.  Your faithfulness to serving at this event is a gift more valuable than you will know.  If you know someone who is a church liaison, registration clerk, crossing guard, set-up/tear down crew, etc. please say thank you to them on our behalf as well.

Speaking of volunteers, did you know that there has been over 1,000 hours or volunteer time given to the clinic for client care this year alone?   Our faithful client advocates, parenting mentors, medical and administrative support volunteers make it possible for God’s work to be done 5 days a week!

A Look at 2nd Quarter 2018:

Clients Seen:  301
Pregnancy Tests Given:  141
Ultrasounds Performed:  117
Babies Saved:  38
Babies Saved Year to Date:  65

Corona Life Services is a 501(c)3 that relies entirely on private donations to provide these life saving services.