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Sexuality is an integral part of who we are, not just what we choose to do with our bodies. Our world promotes immediate gratification, a disregard for consequences, and a general sense that there really isn’t anything better out there. We strive to educate our community of God’s perfect plan for our sexuality and the benefits of following God’s plan.

Vertical Love Retreat: Each fall, we offer a mountain top experience to the Jr. & Sr. High girls of our community. Our program is designed to strengthen relationships with God, assist in seeing value through God’s eyes, and develop strategies to live a “pure” life. It is amazing how much transformation can take place when the distractions of day to day life are set aside. To learn more, please visit

Understanding Your Body: When a woman truly understands her body, fertility, cycle and reproductive capabilities, she is able to make better decisions about how to take care of her body.
One Saturday a month our RN volunteers offer classes focused on understanding the wonders of the female reproductive system from a medical perspective. These classes are appropriate for mothers & daughters becoming young women.

Every Man’s Battle: We are pleased to announce that we offer men’s mentoring for sexual integrity as well. We utilize the well respected program “Every Man’s Battle”, a well respected video driven study plus workbook, to assist in developing Godly manhood.