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The world has a lot to teach you about how to live your lives. You can learn everything the world has to teach just by turning on your TV or computer! Just watch a few episodes of Jersey Shore and be educated on how to “hook up” or Teen Mom to find out what it’s like to be a teen, pregnant, in on and off relationships. A single music video glamorizes sex with multiple partners and wearing as little clothing as possible so we can be beautiful and accepted.The media will try to make you think that living these lives will make you happy and fulfilled. But what happens when the camera’s are off? These girls are left with broken hearts, sexually transmitted diseases and children with broken homes. Their lives are anything but happy and certainly not fulfilling. 

 Do you ever find yourself asking how you can really be happy, find love and find meaning in your life? Have you ever questioned whether the media really knows what there talking about? Well, let us help you find out! We know the ultimate Authority onyour life to help find the answers…your Creator and Lord! Who better to seek for the answers on your life than your Creator?

Join us at the Vertical Love retreat and find out how to be Set Apart With A Pure Heart! Isn’t it time to start finding out for yourself how you can be truly happy, find joy and meaningful relationships with friends, family and even a boyfriend?  Let’s look, together, at how you can be an example to those around you, how you can be set apart, looked up to and admired for the way you live your life and have no regrets when you look back on it!

The Vertical Love retreat is an opportunity for junior high and high school age girls to come together and find support in the journey of purity. It is a time to find redemption for those of you who have crossed boundaries that have left you hurt, ashamed and filled with guilt. It is also a time to come to know what Christ really has in store for you if you follow His plan of purity. 

If you…

…are seeking the Lord’s forgiveness for your past, this is the place for you!
… want to be around other girls who are trying hard to accomplish purity in their lives, this is the place for you!
…don’t know what God’s plan is for your purity, but want to find out, this is also the place for you!
… feel like what you have done in your past is preventing you from coming, come anyway, God may have a surprise in store for you!

Come join us in the beautiful mountains of California for a weekend of fun and learning about purity and how it affects all aspects of your life. You can meet new friends hang out with old friends, renew your relationship with the Lord, or perhaps, meet Him for the first time!